Re: Problem swallowing app

Ethan (
Mon, 6 Sep 1999 20:50:07 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 4 Sep 1999, David G. Watson wrote:

> I've been having trouble swallowing a program (Licq, to be exact) into my 
> Wharf.  The problem is that the wharf window for Licq (named LicqWharf) 
> starts out as a 0x0 window.  It also doesn't have a titlebar or border.

Hm.  Most X servers (XFree86, for example) don't allow 0x0 windows.  
However, I don't see any reason why Wharf should have trouble swallowing 
such a window, since the placement calculations don't do any divides by 
the window width.

Perhaps the problem is that you're using AfterStep-1.7.145, which 
misplaced 64x64 windows when MaxSwallowing?  If so, upgrade.  This problem 
is fixed in 1.7.142 patch 4.

> Also, is there anyway I can have the Wharf not take right-clicks to mean that
> it should roll up?  It's very annoying when I have an ICQ prog or an MP3 
> player swallowed and I try to right-click to get extra functionality. I don't
> have that problem with WindowMaker, but really don't want to use WindowMaker
> (I think AfterStep looks and feels much nicer).

>From the Wharf man page:

*WharfWithdrawStyle style
              Specifies the circumstances under  which  button  3
              should  cause the Wharf to withdraw to a corner. If
              style is 0, button 3 will do nothing. If style is 1
              (the  default),  a  click  on  any  button  in  the
              toplevel bar will cause Wharf to  withdraw  to  the
              nearest  corner.  If  style is 2, a click on either
              the first or the last button in  the  toplevel  bar
              will cause the withdrawal.

Hope this helps.

Ethan Fischer