Re: Afterstep menu's

Lenny Taelman (
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 22:53:51 +0200 (CEST)

On Sun, 12 Sep 1999, Joe Price wrote:

> Lenny Taelman wrote:
> > hello list,
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> > since i installed afterstep 1.7.142 i have tjhe following problem: some of
> > the (root) menu items dont work, i.e. they dont highlight when the mouse
> > moves over it, and nothing happens when they are clicked. i didnt find
> > anything that made those menu items different from the others. i didnt
> > have this problem with a previous version (dont remember the exact
> > version, it wasthe one shipped with redhat 6.0). how do i solve this? did
> > anyone else encounter this?
> >
> > thanks in advance,
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> > vriendelijke groeten,
> >
> > lenny
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> Are the programs that do not respond installed on your machine?  More
> specifically, installed where afterstep looks for them?

hummm i have no idea where afterstep looks for them. the menu items just
worked, and i didnt move/delete any of those programs. 

oh just solved it ;-) thanks a lot. this is what i had to do:

change 'netscape&' into 'netscape' and 'ghostview&' into 'ghostview' 

change '~/bla/blah' into '/home/lenny/bla/blah' for that one

now it works. i wonder what changed in afterstep; those old menu items
used to work perfectly .. is this documented anywhere? 


> Do you know which look/feel your using? Some of them look/feel the way you
> described when there is a program on the menu that you do not currently have
> installed.
> Once you do an "Update All" or and "Update Desktop" it looks for the certain
> installed programs.  I don't think it does this by default, you have to do it
> yourself.  Which means that at one time all of the buttons would highlite,
> and some of them would do nothing when clicked anyway, but the would at least
> highlite.

well they did work when they were highlighted .. i assume its just
afterstep getting confused with the ~ and the (useless :) &

> Hope this helps.

thanks a lot