Application background colours

Chris Dunn (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 15:39:44 -0500 (EST)

I'm running Afterstep 1.6.10 on a Linux 2.0.36 kernel.

I'm finding some curious behaviour with xfmail under Afterstep and would
appreciate a pointer towards the root of the problem.

When I add the program to the start menu and access it from that menu it
displays with three background colours, blue for the folder list, white for the
message content panel and grey for all else.

When it is added to the wharf and accessed from the wharf it substitutes a
quite disgusting shade of pale green for the areas that were previously grey.

On the start menu the program is launched with the line :

Exec "xfmail" exec xfmail &

In the wharf the program is launched by :

*Wharf xfmail /usr/local/xfmail-1.3/pixmap/icon_nomail.xpm Exec "xfmail" xfmail 
-g 48x48 

Could someone suggest what is causing this odd behaviour?

Chris Dunn