Description of the 'wmaker' Debian package

Albert Dorofeev (
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 11:53:30 +0200


I was going through the list of Debian packages and suddenly 
noticed how the 'wmaker' is described. I never paid attention 
to it so I received quite a shock.

It says "This the next step after AfterStep." How do you define
the next step? What do you want to say by this? That AfterStep
is outdated and worthless? That Window Maker is far superior?
I am afraid you should have something to show to back up such a

It also notes that Window Maker is "better looking and faster
than AfterStep". Well, if you ask me, AfterStep looks much
better and is way faster than Window Maker. Why not? I did
not do performance testing. Did you? How can you state that
AfterStep is slow and ugly if compared to Window Maker?
On what grounds?

If you start comparing Window Maker with AfterStep in your
description, why don't you point out that Window Maker is
far less configurable? You only point out some good
features and even those are questionable.

I am sorry but in my opinion this resembles those lowly
marketing FUD tactics utilized by the one well-known 
company that we all despise. I grew to have great respect 
for Debian and I am proud to be using it but the things
like unjustice and tricks can turn one away easily.

AfterStep applications distribution maintainer

Albert Dorofeev
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