A few Wharf problems with 1.6.19

Wed, 22 Sep 1999 13:23:22 +0200 (IST)


Recently I've switched to AfterStep (from WindowMaker), but since I had
troubles with version 1.7.x - that come with RH6 (I couldn't use the
3rd mouse button in a swallowed apps, and a few crashes), I downloaded
version 1.6.10.rpm, which works great except for two things:

1, I can't use D&D with the wharf. I've followed the instructions on the
man page, downloaded Offix, but nothing happened. it just didn't work.
and there was no error in ~/AfterStep-errors. the syntax I used is:

 *Wharf Internet WWW.xpm,3_dots.xpm Folders
     *Wharf kisdn kisdn.xpm Exec "" kisdn &
     *Wharf netscape ns-compose.xpm DropExec "" netscape %s
     *Wharf netscape - Exec "" netscape &
     *Wharf postilion postilion.xpm Exec "" postilion &
     *Wharf ICQ icq.xpm Exec "" licq &
 *wharf ~Folders

I also tried a few variants from former man pages but it didn't help.

2.As I remember from the last time I've used AfterStep (version 1.4.x on
a powerpc), when a wharf folder that pops out of another folder was too
long, it was shifted so all of it was visible. now it just going out of
the screen. (I use 624x832).


If it's important I've upgraded XFree86 to version 3.3.4-2 (before I've
switched to AfterStep).

Can anyone please help???

btw, I'm looking for a nice Next-alike file manager that works with
AfterStep. I currently use wmfinder and I know of workspace (which I
couldn't compile) and asFiles (which as I remember from the last time
I used it, resemble too much to xfm). any ideas?


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