Configuring AfterStep&GNOME

Christian Schaller (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 14:15:23 +0200

Hi there,
I am currently planning/preparing to  mantain an updated set of GNOME
rpms for
TurboLinux (like Dax Kelson does for RedHat).
Since Afterstep is the default windowmanager for Turbolinux I feel that
including a gnome-configured AfterStep RPM in the pack would be cool.

I made and compiled the newest Afterstep development version and
included the same patches that Redhat used in ver. 6.1, except the
redhat menu patch.
I have set up Afterstep to load the GNOME module by default, and use the
GNOME feel.
Still I am having som behavioural problems, if I in the GNOME
control-center wm chooser sets Afterstep as session-managed, it fails to
load when I restart Gnome. choosen.)

If I in the control center configures Afterstep as non session-managed
it loads the next time I start X-windows, but the Gnome desktop icons
gets "pilled". (This means icons urls, program shortcuts etc all get
stacked onto eachother instead of beeing layed out the way they are
supposed to.

Any suggestions?   Any other hints or tips would be helpfull to, I plan
to use the GtkStep gtk-theme as default to get a very nextish feeling

Are there any GUI configuration programs for AfterStep? I haven't tried
yet, but I expect the turbolinux spesific ones doesn't work anymore
since they were made for AfterStep 1.0.

Christian Schaller