Re: next stable

Mitchell Ullman (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 10:57:20 -0400

> 	On a related note, I'd be interested in knowing what you work uses
> as it's window manager now - FVWM or twm would be the only other stable
> window manager out there (releases that begine with a 0.x are development,
> even though they don't call it so).  If it's CDE, then your entire OS is
> not stable. ;)

Well, don't yell, but they are using win95 and I am trying to get a linux
section going.  I work in the university library ar Georgia Southern
University.  I have to show that there is a usable interface for the morons(end
users?) that come in and gennerally screw everything up... ;)  I may be going
with (gasp) kde...  I can make it pretty close to the current configureation,
but it is a bit hard on mem.  we would be running WordPerfect, Gimp, and of
course, a whole slew of compilers, mostly c/c++and java.  I have a long way to
go getting them to let me do all of this, as there is enough crap going on with
the lack of intelligence in certain offices.  Thanks tho,