Re: AS 1.7 (Serious Aterm/Afterstep problem)

Oystein Viggen (
23 Oct 1999 13:09:38 +0200

"Christian B. Wiik" wrote: 

> Sounds like I'm bound to upgrade :-) Guess I need to reconfigure my
> ~/G/L/A directory then?

You won't have to reconfigure much. I upgraded almost seamlessly from the
one in RH5.2 (1.5.something?) to the one in RH6 (1.7.90).

My only problem is that if I try using a newer version than 1.7.90 all my
wharf balloons turn into a ghastly red/green scheme, and I can't figure
out how to make them nicely gray and black.

I'm currently running the RH6 rpms "ported" to Slackware-current.