Serious Aterm/Afterstep problem

Christian B. Wiik (
22 Oct 1999 16:45:24 +0200

Hi. I've tried this one before, but with no answer. It really bugs me, 
so I'm trying again...

Every now and then Afterstep (1.6.10) screws up its
focus-behavior. This means that there's impossible to move the focus
to another window. Killing the window with the focus might help a bit, 
but AS must be restarted to act 100% normal again.

Then _all_ Aterms not in my top-left virtual page dies with the message:
"aterm: XError: Request: 73 . 0, Error: 8".

Further studies shows that it's the restart of the Pager that triggers 
the error. And that this does _not_ happen with xterms.

If this is a known bug that have been fixed in the 1.7.* series,
please let me know!

(Running self-compiled Afterstep 1.6.10 on a RedHat 6.0, 
and Aterm 0.3.6)

MVH                                                     (o_  (o_  //\
Christian B. Wiik                                       (/)_ (/)_ V_/_