Re: how to return Alt key to emacs?

Tomas Duewiger (
23 Oct 1999 08:19:45 +0200

Mark Shacklette <> writes:

> Simple question which probably should be a FAQ but isn't.  I'm using afterstep,
> but find that the alt meta key is intercepted when I'm in Emacs, making the Alt
> key useless, which is annoying.  How do I tell afterstep not to intercept the
> Alt key?  I've tried to go into my feel file and comment out the 'M' mentions,
> but to no avail.

That should work, at least it works here. In the default feel file meta is
only used for moving the cursor and changing windows. Maybe you didn't
reload the feel file? Does it work with other WM's?


Tomas Duewiger