Re: AS 1.7 (Serious Aterm/Afterstep problem)

Rigos (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 12:14:32 +1000

> My only problem is that if I try using a newer version than 1.7.90 all my
> wharf balloons turn into a ghastly red/green scheme, and I can't figure
> out how to make them nicely gray and black.

This is quite easy to change. Either get a new 1.7.142 theme off
or get a new look file and change it to your liking. It is using this
green/red scheme
because in the look file you are using it won't have anything defined for
the MyStyle
for wharf balloons. Once you find a look file with it in just change the
BackColor and
ForeColor to whatever you like.

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