Re: Serious Aterm/Afterstep problem

Thu, 28 Oct 1999 16:12:17 +0900 (KST)

Le 23-Oct-99 Albert Dorofeev racontait : 
>  On Fri, Oct 22, 1999 at 04:45:24PM +0200, Christian B. Wiik wrote:
> > Every now and then Afterstep (1.6.10) screws up its
> > focus-behavior. This means that there's impossible to move the focus
> > to another window. Killing the window with the focus might help a bit, 
> > but AS must be restarted to act 100% normal again.
>  This is a well-known bug reported a few times already but it
>  was not fixed so far because it is really hard to reproduce.
>  If you have a reliable way of reproducing it - post the method,
>  please. (no, not the "when I work really hard and have lots
>  of editing sessions unsaved..." method - I know this one from
>  personal experience :)

I posted a few days ago a procedure to reproduce it each time :
change the time by typing : (in root privilege)
date -s 12:34
clock -w
that's it : everything is messed up (windows focus, I mean).
(note that this can hang the machine if there's some wharfed clocks : wmtime,
... ; just shut wharf down )

actually you can do the same by "working really hard and having lots
of editing sessions unsaved..." ;-)

Eric GAUDET (Eric GAUDET <>)
Le 28-Oct-99 a 16:07:56
"Free the mallocs !"