Right mouse clicking in Wharf

T. Tilton (tilton@servercom.com)
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 04:04:35 -0600


I have noticed in the past there have been some comments about right
clicking on swallowed apps in the wharf not working.  Up until a few
days ago I was using version 1.6.0 and right clicking worked fine.
Now that I have updated to version 1.7.156 the right clicking problem
has become a problem for me.

I have used "*WharfWithdrawStyle 2" in the feel file so that the
wharf withdraws only when the first/last wharf button is right 
clicked.  But this didn't solve that problem of allowing the apps to 
see a right click.

Has anyone been able to get the right mouse clicks working?

Thanks for any help or feedback.

Tracy Tilton

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