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Tue, 23 Nov 1999 10:14:24 -0600

"Donald A. Peterson" wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Nov 1999, T. Tilton wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have noticed in the past there have been some comments about right
> > clicking on swallowed apps in the wharf not working.  Up until a few
> > days ago I was using version 1.6.0 and right clicking worked fine.
> > Now that I have updated to version 1.7.156 the right clicking problem
> > has become a problem for me.
> > I have used "*WharfWithdrawStyle 2" in the feel file so that the
> Well, I haven't used any explicit *WharfWithdrawStyle in my wharf file,
> but I see the same behavior that you report---no matter what app I'm 
> the right button makes the wharf "minimize" to a corner. 

Thanks for the work around Don.  Its nice to have a great window
manager like AfterStep but its even nicer when everything is working (in
some fashion or another.)  For your information 
*WharfWithdrawStyle is in the developement version of Wharf.  I have 
copied and pasted the blurb about *WWS below.  It does work as stated
in the following;

*****From the>documentation->developement->Wharf page******

*WharfWithdrawStyle style
    Specifies the circumstances under which button 3 should cause the
Wharf to withdraw to a corner. If style is 0, button 3 will do
    nothing. If style is 1 (the default), a click on any button in the
toplevel bar will cause Wharf to withdraw to the nearest corner. If
    style is 2, a click on either the first or the last button in the
toplevel bar will cause the withdrawal. The undocumented NoWithdraw
    option, which does much the same thing, is deprecated - use
WithdrawStyle instead. 

Be sure that you put *WWS in the "feel" config file(s) and not the
wharf(s) config file.

Thanks again for the suggestion.


Tracy Tilton

> However, if I
> hold down the shift key whilst doing so, the application gets the mouse
> click rather than the Wharf.  Maybe you can try that?
> Good Luck,
> -Don
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