Re: Libraries?

Iwant Afterstep (
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 09:24:45 CET

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Gene Imes wrote:

>These librarries are all there where you indicate.
>::::: Gene Imes :::::

      I erroneously believed that the libraries would actually be NAMED 
"libXpm," "libjpeg," and "libpng," since these were the only names given for 
these libraries.  Hence I looked for libraries with these names, and found 
nothing.  An acquaintance told me yesterday that I should omit the "lib" 
part of the name, and thus search for any file beginning with "Xpm," "jpeg," 
and "png."  Following his advice I found a file called 
"xpm-3.4k-sol7-intel-local."  I guess this may be the "libXpm" file for 
which I should search?  I couldn't find files beginning with "jpeg" and 
"png" which it seemed possible that they might be the other libraries.  I 
guess they might be named something else entirely.  Since I can't guess what 
they may be named, I would be very grateful for any hints as to what they 
may be named.

                                            Thank you.


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