Re: Problems; BackPixmap, DecorateFrames and WinList

david mihm (
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 15:31:59 -0600

"T. Tilton" wrote:
> I am running AfterStep1.7.142pl5 and have installed a new theme
> (SteelOrange) from  Numerous problems arrived as a
> result of this.

	Frames are broken in this version.

> First, the MyStyle; "focused_window_style", "unfocused_window_style"
> and "sticky_window_style" all used "BackPixmap 130 pixmapname.xpm".
> This resulted with the titlebar not having any of the pixmapname.xpm
> used (or so it seemed.)  The titlebar was a color mix of one pixel
> dots.  By changing to "BackPixmap 128 pixmapname.xpm" I got the
> correct look using the declared pixmapname.xpm's.

	BackPixmap 130 is the correct option, perhaps you are running at 8bpp? 
The affect is supposed to be the mixture of the white pixmap and the
background in a translucent effect; to where you see the background but
it is color offset by the "hazy" white.  I suggest you take a real close
look at the screenshot, concentraing on the titlebars.

> Second, DecorateFrames [0/1] gives the following error in
> ~/.xsession-errors;
> "Detected colordepth : 24. Loading configuration
> .AfterStep(non-configurable/0_look.24bpp:105):error in config: in
> [DecorateFrames 0]...... Done."

> I doesn't matter if DF is set to 0 or 1 the error still occurs.  I get
> a silhouette around the window boarders for the frame but not the
> specified XPM image.

	Yes, Frames is broken in the version you are running, i.e. don't expect
frames to work at all, :(

> Third;  I am seeing this error in ~/.xsession-errors;
> "WinList: internal error, error code 3, request code 2, minor code 0."
> I am not sure if this is a result of the new theme or not.  The
> winlist is working on my desktop so the error doesn't seem to bother
> anything.

	Don't know what this is, perhaps it's an old winlist conf file.  I
don't see this err when I test the theme (which works 100% on my
1.7.150, with working frames).

> Has anyone else noticed these problems and is there a fix/work-around?
> Or have I got something wrong someplace maybe?

	Downgrade to 1.7.149 to use frames, or wait a few weeks for the new


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