Re: window creation

Martin DiViaio (
Sun, 07 Nov 1999 08:09:17 -0500

"Gregory T. Norris" wrote:
> Hi all!  I've got a quick and probably simple question (so I'm probably
> going to embarrass myself :-) for you...
> I've upgraded from 1.7.150 to 1.7.153, and now whenever I start an
> xterm or rxvt (for example) I get a window-outline which I need to
> manually place before the actual window appears.  Some others (such as
> Netscape), tho, will simply appear without requiring any intervention.
> Which config-files/options should I be looking at in order to set my
> preferences for this?  I'm probably overlooking something obvious, but
> I can't seem to find the correct setting.

Look at whatever feel file you are using for SmartPlacement and