1.7.151: a small bugreport.

Frank R. Larsen (gobo@gimle.nu)
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 11:57:21 +0100

Hi all, 

I thought I'd submit a small bugreort from AS 1.7.151:

1. Pager dies when un-iconifying windows.
   It seems that when I use BackPixmap 129 for the *PagerStyle Desk 
setting, the pager dies whenever I un-iconify a window. BackPixmap 128 
works fine, BackPixmap 130 does not work at all. (Results in a gray 
   I do not know if this is new to 151, since this is the first time I've 
tried using transparency in the Pager.

2. Redraw problem for pinned menus with BP 129/130.
   This problem is not new with 151. When I pin down the start menu and 
then click outside the menu to pin it elsewhere on the screen, the 
transparent backdrop is not updated.  It is however updated if I just 
move the menu. (This is only a cosmetic bug and should not be given 
priority above other bugs, though).

And then a small Aterm bug:
   Again it's transparency that causes trouble. When transparent 
scrollbar is used, the backdrop is not updated in the scrollbar area when 
the window is moved horisontally or vertically. (That is to say, if only 
one of the window position coordinates change).

Frank Ronny Larsen

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