Re: Suggestions and bug reports

Daniel Rigos (
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 17:44:48 +1100


> 1) Since applying the infamous patch 9, AfterStep has been ignoring my
> DecorateFrames [0/1] option in my look file. Personally, I don't like
> Frames and upon loading patch 9 I received them automatically. By
> commenting out that line and all other lines dealing with frames, they
> didn't appear anymore.

Noticed this as well. Sasha's trying to  fix frames now patch should be out

> 2) Also since applying patch 9, there isn't anymore vertical spacing
> between title bar buttons and the top of the title bar. I like the couple
> of pixels between the top of the title bar and the top of the buttons and
> I hope that can be brought back soon. I believe Sasha's idea covered this,
> but I'm not quite sure.

Sasha might be changing it but right now just specify: TitleButtonSpacing 3,
and TitleButtonStyle 3
to put a space of three around the buttons and from the edge. (or something
like that). This should make the title spacing like it was before the patch.


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