Re: W*ndows 2000
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 08:17:45 -0600

>> what'd be quite cool is when you close a window the whole thing fades out of
>> view or something.

>I think it must be possible. I remember we have windows
>fade out or something like that when they loose focus.
>I do not know if the code made its way to the mainstream
>afterstep though. Anyway, since that was possible, I think
>this should be too.

I remeber allanon wrote some code to do such things,  we looked at it
and decided it really was not cool, but rather boring, after couple hours
of looking at it. Besides there are several problems that connected to that,
and solving them would require to pile up quite a fewlines of useless code.

So I think nekked took it over, and, to the best of my knowledge,  ASGlass
never came to life.