Re: Serious Aterm/Afterstep problem

Andrew Ferguson
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 16:23:01 -0400 writes:
>This is a well-known bug reported a few times already but it
>was not fixed so far because it is really hard to reproduce.
>If you have a reliable way of reproducing it - post the method,
>please. (no, not the "when I work really hard and have lots
>of editing sessions unsaved..." method - I know this one from
>personal experience :)

I've also been experiencing the same bug in 1.7.150 (I haven't used
1.7.151 for long, because I don't like it; more on that in another
message). I produced it twice by opening netscape, connecting to linajudo
(my local apache server) and then opening star office on a different
desktop. In star office, I worked for several minutes on a file on a
removable disk. Without closing star office, I switched to the netscape
window and AS promptly shut down. Even though I'm using 1 mb background
pics, at 64mb of ram, 128 mb swap, and 400 mhz processor, the pics
shouldn't be the problem.

I've also got the core dump from this as well as a log of the AS errors
from these experiences if you want to see them.

Andrew Ferguson
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