Partial? list of all known bugs after 1.7.156 (14th patch)

The RZA (
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 02:46:58 -0500

1. Sticky icons sometimes unstick and only stay on one desk.

2. Frames don't work properly (although sasha__ already knows this).

3. Some windows can't be moved to the very top of the screen. (ie: they
stop a pixel before top).

4. When you move the cursor to the bottom of the screen it doesn't
switch desks downwards.

5. When windows (eg: wharf) are said to place at -1-1 they won't place
at the very bottom of the screen, but one or two pixels upwards.

To give credit to the above list, thanks to ViPA.

Regarding the 5th bug, I haven't noticed this with my wharf as its at
its default setting and is as close to the edge as possible, though this
isn't the same for my pager.  The pager using the default settings leave
a few pixels of space from the right edge of the screen.  I've tried
messing with the numbers in the pager file but no matter the number it's
never exactly on the right edge of the screen.  This doesn't happen if I
make the pager appear on the left side though.

6. Not sure if this is known but the disappearance windows still occur,
but I've been told that the 13th patch was "supposed" to fix this to
some extent...