Re: 1.7.151: a small bugreport.
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 15:39:54 -0600

>Hi again,

>I forgot this in the last mail:
>3. Windows walking when resizing again.
>   This happens with VerticalTitlebar set. When a window resizes itself (like
xv when viewing several pictures, or netscape with javascript.resize) the window
>moves to the left the exact width of the titlebar. Usually causing the titlebar
to jump of the screen.

I could say here that XV is poorly written application, but I would not go this
problem is that such applications require that their parent window be exactly
same size as their own window.
That was achieved before by the way of double reparenting of windows:
window gets reparented into another window of exactly the same size,
and this window gets reaprented again, this time into Frame window.
This is kind of nasty  and ugly thing to do, that's why I removed this part,
so to have only single reparenting.
Evidently that is causing troubles for apps such as XV.

Now there are two directions in which we could go from here:
a) bring back double reparenting - safe but ugly way
b) get rid of frame window altogether, have titlebar and sidebar to be
children of the root window.

Now I'd like to ask for opinions of community here. Here are Pros and Cons
of both approaches:
a)  Cons: Higher resource usage, more complicated and slower code.
      Pros: 100% compatibility with older versions of AS.
b)  Cons: it will not be possible to surround whole frame with the border -
    BorderWidth setting of database will be applyed only for app window border -
    all the frame decorations will be excluded from it; Implementation will take
    effort, but I'll go for it.;
   Pros: smaller resource utilization, faster moving/resizing ( maybe
unnoticeble :) ;
    makes possible future expansion in direction of titlebars being
smaller/bigger then window size,
   and titlebars placed anywhere.

I don't want to make decision myself so I'll be looking for responces:)
Maybe one of our disappeared gurus will comment on it also ?

>Frank R Larsen,


# But in our enthusiasm, we could not resist a radical overhaul of the
# system, in which all of its major weaknesses have been exposed,
# analyzed, and replaced with new weaknesses.
# -- Bruce Leverett,