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David Mihm (
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 21:03:48 -0600 (EST)

On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, Marcel Kunath wrote:

>just a small comment. I run 142 and I highly configured it and stuff and I
>like AfterStep ever since I tried it about 18 months ago.
>In this 1.7 version there was just one thing I could not configure and I
>gave up trying after 15 recompiles. When you click on the desktop and you get
>the first 'start menu' then it is titled either 'start' or 'AfterStep
>I wanted to replace that with my own chosen name or something else but I could
>not change this and I simply would prefer if you can in the future make this
>available. Once again I am tlaking about the first menu which pops up when you
>click with the mouse on desktop and it has a title and I like to change that

	It's possible.  Edit the start/.include file "name" to your
liking.  If you have done the cp -r of the share tree (which is a
BadThing), you will see the version number of the version you were running
when you did the cp -r; if you simply continue to use the share tree as
your startmenu, you'll see the current version; or if you still see start,
it's because you have not correct your feel for the change which was in an
early patch.  The feel correct should be :

Mouse 1		R	N	PopUp "0"

this is for the default feel file use of Mouse 1, feel.GNOME uses a
different Mouse button.

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