problems with chmod-ing socket

Michael Stenner (
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 07:41:50 -0500

Here in the Duke Physics Dept, we had to change the "chmod 0700" in
src/afterstep/modules.c to "chmod 4700" in order to get it to work.

I admit that I have no idea what the setuid bit means for a socket,

We are using sun's NFS, which may be the source of our problems.

When the socket gets created, it comes up 4755 (per umask).  Here's
the wacky part: if you do a chmod 0700 (or 0755, or 0***) either with
the c call or the program, it gets "changed" into a character device,
or at least it no longer works, and ls reports it as a character
device.  You can change it back with chmod 4***, but the socket won't
function any more.  

I'm not sure who's problem this is, but it's definetly somebody's bug.


P.S. this is with RedHat 6.1, AfterStep 1.7.42, but we obviously
modified the source (both stock afterstep, and RedHat source package)
and recompiled.

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