Re: Running AfterStep on top of Gnome in RH6

Jeroen Asselman (
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 21:25:33 +0100

Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> You need to use the GNOME-compliance bits of AS.  This only really works
> in the devel version; it seems pretty stable and bug-free, so it's
> probably worth switching if you really want to use GNOME.  There are notes
> in the distribution about GNOME support.

There is one 'but' though, GNOME compliance is rather broken in the latest
version (including patches). I can't tell when this happened as I just retried
GNOME yesterday (still don't like it). Two things which I noticed not working
When the pager applet is choosen with tasklist, you can iconify an application,
however deiconifying using this applet won't succeed.
Second, button clicks on the root window don't seem to be passed through gnome
anymore. IE, right clicking on the 'desktop' doesn't give a popupmenu anymore....

Last but not least: Just adding afterstep in the Window manager selection didn't
work in the older version. You had to add terminal=true in the config file
generated by gnome, it seems to be working ok with the newer version of gnome

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