Re: Running AfterStep on top of Gnome in RH6

Jeroen Asselman (
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 22:01:11 +0100

Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Jeroen Asselman wrote:
> > Second, button clicks on the root window don't seem to be passed through
> > gnome anymore. IE, right clicking on the 'desktop' doesn't give a
> > popupmenu anymore....
> Are you using feel.GNOME?  You'll need to, otherwise AS will intercept
> root-window mouse-clicks as a call to the window manager.

No, I ain't using feel.GNOME, I am using my own feel file, however, this one
has also disable button 1 and 3 for the root window, just verified it. And it
worked for earlier versions.
Perhaps someone could verify it with another gnome version, mine is 1.0.39
(at least that is what gnome session says). It should be the one delivered
with redhat 6.1, however upgrading to redhat 6.1 was a pain in .... oh well,
I did do a manual upgrade, so something could be wrong there. However, no
problems found so far....

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