Re: 1.7.151: a small bugreport.

Stasinos Konstantopoulos (
Fri, 5 Nov 1999 11:53:59 +0100

It seems to me (a) is sacrificing too much for backwards
compatibility. IMHO go for the leanest, fastest and easiest to
maintain code.

My 2c,

Op do. 04 nov 1999 15:39:54 zei

> Now there are two directions in which we could go from here:
> a) bring back double reparenting - safe but ugly way
> b) get rid of frame window altogether, have titlebar and sidebar to be
> children of the root window.
> Now I'd like to ask for opinions of community here. Here are Pros and Cons
> of both approaches:
> a)  Cons: Higher resource usage, more complicated and slower code.
>       Pros: 100% compatibility with older versions of AS.
> b)  Cons: it will not be possible to surround whole frame with the border -
>     BorderWidth setting of database will be applyed only for app window border -
>     all the frame decorations will be excluded from it; Implementation will take
> programming
>     effort, but I'll go for it.;
>    Pros: smaller resource utilization, faster moving/resizing ( maybe
> unnoticeble :) ;
>     makes possible future expansion in direction of titlebars being
> smaller/bigger then window size,
>    and titlebars placed anywhere.
> I don't want to make decision myself so I'll be looking for responces:)