Re: Solaris 7?

Iwant Afterstep (
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 14:22:21 CET

Thu, 18 Nov 1999 12:54:55 -0500 (EST) Andrew Sullivan wrote:

>Several people have AS working under Solaris, according to the list and
>from my own mail.  You should be able to compile the source without too
>many problems.  Remember to read any OS-specific READMEs.

     OK.  Where do I find the "source" which I should compile?

     I have searched at the page, 
but all the versions seem to be for some specific dialect of Linux, or for 
Solaris for Sparc (I am using Solaris 7 on an Intel machine).  I have also 
looked in the Afterstep org's ftp site, but I couldn't find anything there 

     When I attempt to compile this source -- once I have learned where to 
get it from, that is -- will I need a C++ compiler?  There is none installed 
on this system, so if I need one, I'll have to start by downloading and 
installing that.

                              Thank you


>On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Iwant Afterstep wrote:
> >      Hi.
> >
> >      Is there a version of AfterStep for Solaris 7?  I haven't been able 
> > find one at either the site or Sun's site.  If such a 
> > exists, an URL would be very much appreciated.  Thank you.
> >                                    /Ian
> >

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