Re:Backed out patches...
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 08:37:34 -0600

>I see from the Changelog that in patch 16 the patches 9, 11-15 has been
>backed out. When will they be reinserted again?

Trouble with those patches was that even thou they fixed whole slew of bugs,
thay've also introduced quite a few, due to a broad nature of changes done.

As those patches needed much more work to get them right it was not possible
to get it into happy conclusion and produce stable release anytime soon.
Accordingly decision was made to back them out, and get stable release
out of the door, then put those patches back in into the new development tree.

That's why you'll not see those patches in stable release. I'm working on
new devel tree, so don't worry about those patches being lost.

>These patches fixed several bugs that I had been troubled with, and the
>new patch therefore obviously reinserted those bugs.

Any particular bug ? We could put some stuff in, if it is not too big a change.