Re: Backed out patches...

Frank R. Larsen (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 16:37:53 +0100

> Trouble with those patches was that even thou they fixed whole slew of bugs,
> thay've also introduced quite a few, due to a broad nature of changes done.

I expected that to be the reason...

> Any particular bug ? We could put some stuff in, if it is not too big a change.

Most significant bugs that reappeared in 158 were:
Window Ops menu non-functional.
Minimized windows loose X-events when a restart is done. (Do not redraw, 
Do not accept keypresses or mouse events.)
(I also had some problems again with the ssh-agent, but this might be 
other issues, since I got these when I went back to 157 again as well...)

I remember there were a couple of other minor fixes in the removed 
patches as well, but those two were the most significant. I see however 
that this seems to be working again with the 159 patch applied.

With 159 it also looks like the window-walking problem is gone 
completely. Even Netscape stays put.

So all in all, my previous message should mostly be considered to apply 
to 158 and not to 159, where things seems to be working nicely.

(Note to self: remember to check for new patch before posting bugreport.