Re: big problems running AfterStep-1.7.164 on DU 6.0D

Mark T. Logan (
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 16:31:43 -0500 (EST)

> But Solaris is a completely different OS.  I don't have much experience
> with this (DU/Solaris, NFS on them, or using sockets) but I understand
> there may be significant differences in how they handle sockets and NFS.
> Ie., "What works on Solaris may not work on DU".  If the docs say "don't
> put your socket on NFS", then I recommend you don't do that. :-)  Even
> if it "works on this other computer..."

Yes solaris is totally different, but I have a hard time believing that
the problems I am experiencing are a result of NFS.  The crashing part
perhaps, but the fact that mouse clicks are completely unrecognized except
with the caps lock key on, and even then only partially so, seems
indicative of a problem much deeper than NFS.  The most likely
explanation, to me, is that AfterStep does not grok DU in some very deep,
integral way.  Unfortunately I have no method of (easily) installing
afterstep on local disk under DU.  I will however try to get some better
backtraces and keep you updated.


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