Re: more questions about afterstep

Andrew Ferguson
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 08:06:49 -0400 writes:
>I would like to use xscreensaver on afterstep. Would anyone tell me where
>I am
>supposed to load it when the afterstep start? I used to load it in
>.fvwmrc or

I run xscreensaver out of my .xinitrc file. It works very well there and I
do not believe the autoexec file is the correct place for it. Make sure to
read the manpage (man xscreensaver) because it answers a lot of questions
>Also I put "xconsole ..." statement in my .xinitrc to start xconsole
>window on
>aftestep, but it comes out without title bar, not like xterm. How can I

This may be because the xconsole is started before afterstep, and
afterstep is not able to take control of the window and give it title
bars. Also, check you xresources file for any lines dealing with the

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