Re: more questions about afterstep
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 08:53:24 -0600

>I was also wondering. I have "just now" (not yesterday, when I upgraded)
>discovered that:
>desktop 0     pic1
>desktop 1     pic2
>desktop 2     pic-originalbg
>desktop 3     pic-originalbg

>When I switch desktops I need to first switch to desk 2 or 3 if I want the
>desk to have the correct picture. Which file did I screw? asetroot or

asetroot , most likely. If you'd send me your complete asetroot, I'd be able
to tell you whats wrong.

>The last question you can ignore for now if you like I'm just tired.

>A question on "shaped" title bars. I remember some one asking a month or
>so ago but I forgot the response. Is it because it would be to difficult
>(time consuming; etc.) to code? Or is it some other reason? I don't want
>them. I was just reading the new FAQ and stumbled across a blunt answer to
>an un-asked question.

Shaped Windows Extensions implementation (at least for XFree86) has some nasty
that cause X windows to crash, when two shaped windows reshape itself while
right on top
of each other. While it seldom happen under normal circumstences
( you don't have many shaped apps ), if you use it to shape titlebars - you'll
probability of such event by many times.
I suspect that one of the reasons why E is treated as "unstable" WM is becouse
actively use shaping.
Accordingly, untill shaped extensions are fixed, there will be no shaped
window decorations in AfterStep.

>Thank you for your time and for the wonderful AfterStep.

You are welcome

>> -gl

>-Kalen Honeyfield

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