Problem with sloppy focus
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:14:55 -0600

>This isn't much of a bug really, but still thought I should report
>it: Sloppy focus breakes down totally if changeing system time / date!

Don't do that, man!
Handling of X messages is very dependant on the system clock
( system running X server in particular ). Of course we could add some
complicated logic to try and detect sucha time warps, but I would be
reluctant to do that, as it affects the part of the code, that is used
quite alot, so we could see performance degradation as the result.
Besides I suspect that that would break down X server itself.

Same thing happen when X rolls over its internal clock, which is
after about a half a year of uptime :)

>Other than that, Afterstep is really a nice thing, thanks a bunch for
>all the work you've done with it.


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