Re: more questions about afterstep
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:06:35 -0600

ooked though it and I am unable to see any conflicting entries. I
>actually only changed the last section slightly. I have sent my pager

pager is not relevant in this particular case.

>along just incase I scrogged that. I have been in and out of that file for
>a while now.

>I have dicovered that the problem is going from desktop 1 to desktop 0 not
>visa versa. Its like raindrop.gif has an ego problem. I originally thought
>it was a format issue. bg.too_blatant did not have an extention
>(.jpg,.gif,.xpm, etc) so I opened gimp and saved it as an xpm, but that

AS does not really checks file extension - it checks signature inside the file,
so it does not really matter how you name it.

The only  potential problem I see so far is that you use GIF for the second
image. GIF is not natively supported by AS, it uses xli to load GIFs,
and if you do not have xli installed ( many ppl don't) then you'll have a
I'd recommend you to convert it to JPEG or XPM, so AS can read it.

>had no effect. I will continue to work on the issue. If I have missed some
>documentation please point that out before sending any fix. I have this
>thing about, "Give a man a fish, Teach a man to fish". Thank you for any
>and all help you are willing to provide.

That's all I can see so far - files look good.
Only other suggestion I can make is to use standard place for backgrounds,
which is ~/G/L/A/non-configurable. If you have images of your own -
add them to ~/G/L/A/backgrounds dir , so they will get included into the menu,
and you'll be able to simply select them from menu. That is always  safest way
to go.

>On Wed, 26 Jan 2000 wrote:
>> >I was also wondering. I have "just now" (not yesterday, when I upgraded)
>> >discovered that:
>> >desktop 0     pic1
>> >desktop 1     pic2
>> >desktop 2     pic-originalbg
>> >desktop 3     pic-originalbg
>> >When I switch desktops I need to first switch to desk 2 or 3 if I want the
>> >desk to have the correct picture. Which file did I screw? asetroot or
>> >pager
>> asetroot , most likely. If you'd send me your complete asetroot, I'd be able
>> to tell you whats wrong.

>-Kalen Honeyfield
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>about is as much fun.
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