Re: Bug when using WarpFore/Back and SloppyFocus?

Lenny Taelman (
Sat, 29 Jan 2000 09:02:15 +0100 (CET)

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Ralf Arens wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using AfterStep-1.7.167, I noticed this problem with every 1.7.x
> Version but not with 1.6.x. Excerpt from my feel-file:
> SloppyFocus
> ...
> Key Tab         A       M       WarpFore
> Key Tab         A       MS      WarpBack
> When I close or iconify the current window and there's no window
> beneath it, I get the situation that no window is active and the mouse
> pointer is on the root window. In this case WarpFore or WarpBack won't
> work -- I type `M-Tab' or `MS-Tab' and nothing happens.
> It's a bit annoying to use the mouse or open a window list by keys to
> make another window active.

i find this very annoying too (i often work in many xterms, warping with
the two winblows keys, and find it very annoying to grab the mouse (or 
move the mouse pointer with key combinations) when i close an xterm)

vriendelijke groeten,


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