starting multiple copies on many desks

Alexy V. Khrabrov (
Sun, 30 Jan 2000 12:34:17 -0500

Greetings -- I'm back to the list and see there's
a lot of progress!  I'm finally getting around to
beautify my desktop and preconfigure my best
productive setting.  Here's an important thing I
need to do to do so: I want to start several
certain apps in certain places.  Two questions:

1.  Should I start things from my .bashrc or from
    some AS launching place if I want them to
    start on desks every time I launch AS?

2.  I use multiple copies of dear old nxterm on
    several desks.  Namely, I have a
    black-and-white user nxterm on desk 0, a
    red-and-white root nxterm on desk 1, and a
    green-and-peachpuff nxterm on desk 2.

    How can I prescribe them to start exactly
    there if G/L/A/database takes the same Style
    "XTerm" -- all of rxvt, xiterm, nxterm, xterm
    and whatnot have?  How then I specify
    different Viewports too?

3.  I see there's a file G/L/A/.workspace_state
    which preserves some of this info.  However,
    upon restart, everything crowds on the same
    page of the same desk where you restarted.

    Can this file be reconfigured so it remembers
    exactly the last desks and pages where things
    have been?  Then instead of prescribing
    database, I'd simply organize once and get
    there every time!  I'd love that...

Now, I still use 1.6.10, but just saw the new
pre-stable and am getting it.  Is it any more
suitable for "themes" than the previous one?  Does
it do the desk assignment above any better?

NB: rpm's are 1.7.168, but tarballs are 1.7.164.
This is the first time I see an rpm ahead of its
tarball!  :-)  Since I use Red Hat 5.2 still, have
to use the tarball.  What did change for .164->.168?

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