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charlie schmidt (
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 15:18:44 -0500 (EST)


> afterstep&
> exec /path/to/gnome-session

i do not suggest you use this tactic, as gnome-session _is_ everything,
your window manager, panel, mc, etc.  running afterstep _and_ 
gnome-session like this can cause... unexpected side effects :)

with all the discussion about start AS and GNOME, i decided to 
actually run gnome [rather that just keep the libs for applications]

my experiences getting AS working with gnome-session, as is normal 
with other window mangers are as follows:

add it to gnomecc [this was described before]
but DO NOT "try" or "run" it.
just add it, and save it [and start gnomecc again, to make sure its
still there *grin*]
in your .bashrc, or other shell environment file, add
the variable WINDOW_MANAGER="afterstep" [you will need to logout|login
to get this initialized] or just run 'export WINDOW_MANAGER="afterstep"'
from the command line you start X.

in the /usr/local/bin/gnome-wm file [or /usr/bin, if youre using a
binary pacakge, like rpm or something], add afterstep to the line:

  for wm in enlightenment icewm wmaker fvwm2 fvwm twm; do

as such:

  for wm in enlightenment icewm wmaker fvwm2 fvwm twm afterstep; do

and the last line:




you should then be able to put just "gnome-session" in your
.xinitrc, or other X starting script [xdm, etc]
and be able to have gnoem and afterstep running fine.

keep in mind, you also need the Gnome module running, and
the feel.GNOME [or other gnome compliant feel].

this is just how i did it, and is probably not the best way.

to the developers and other people in charge, we really should notify 
gnome that "afterstep" should be on that list in 
/usr/local/bin/gnome-wm, as im sure this is half the problem.
even if we arent 100% compliant.

and a final note on this, gnome is really not worth it :)

charlie schmidt
as.t.o project manager	AfterStep FAQ

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