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Tue, 04 Jan 2000 09:28:16 CET


     I already have AfterStep 1.7* installed.  It is installed for an 
"ordinary" user -- not for root.  Recently I tried to install it for another 
ordinary user as well.  Although I did everything exactly the same way as I 
did when I first installed it for the first user, I couldn't install it for 
the second one.  I used the latest rpm package from the AfterStep home page 
(I used this for both users) to replace the older AfterStep which comes 
preinstalled with Linux Mandrake (1.6 I think).  For some reason my 
installation attempts seem to have disabled the Xwindows manager altogether 
for the second user.  When I try to start Xwindows as this user I get a lot 
of error messages about ".Xauthority hostname lookup failure" and "timeout 
in locking authority file" -- but no Xwindows.  I can't even su and start 
Xwindows as root if I su from being this user.  If I do, I get a kind of 
"Xwindows" with only an "X" which I can move around the screen, but that is 
all.  Since I can't reach any way to give commands I see no alternative at 
this stage but to use to power button to turn off the computer.  This is 
less than completely satisfactory, and my question is therefore how I should 
go about to repair the damage I have done to the X configuration for the new 
user (or, alternatively, if it is better to just delete this new user, how I 
should go about to install AfterStep for two ordinary users on the same 
system).    Thank you.
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