Re: AfterStep for two users?

Kalen (
Tue, 4 Jan 2000 08:04:03 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Iwant Afterstep wrote:

>      Hi.
>      I already have AfterStep 1.7* installed.  It is installed for an 
> "ordinary" user -- not for root.  Recently I tried to install it for another 
> ordinary user as well.  Although I did everything exactly the same way as I 
> did when I first installed it for the first user, I couldn't install it for 
> the second one.  I used the latest rpm package from the AfterStep home page 
> (I used this for both users) to replace the older AfterStep which comes 
> preinstalled with Linux Mandrake (1.6 I think).

I hate rpms. Not because it is some great big horrible beasty thing, or
just something to say. (poking for at a certian Sediment) I hate them
because they always seem to be compiled agaist Libs I don't have and can't
find. So if I ever have trouble installing via rpm I switch to the Source.
Not to ramble on and no I don't think doing that would solve your problems
but maybe after you've hashed out the other issues you could keep that in

> For some reason my 
> installation attempts seem to have disabled the Xwindows manager altogether 
> for the second user.  When I try to start Xwindows as this user I get a lot 
> of error messages about ".Xauthority hostname lookup failure" and "timeout 
> in locking authority file" -- but no Xwindows.  I can't even su and start 
> Xwindows as root if I su from being this user.  If I do, I get a kind of 
> "Xwindows" with only an "X" which I can move around the screen, but that is 
> all.  

Did you try editing your .xclients script? If you installed it system wide
you may not have needed to install it the 2nd time. You may only have
needed to call AS on X's start. I'm very new to this as well and so I have
nothing to add for those errors you have been recieving.

>Since I can't reach any way to give commands I see no alternative at 
> this stage but to use to power button to turn off the computer.  This is 
> less than completely satisfactory, and my question is therefore how I should 
> go about to repair the damage I have done to the X configuration for the new 
> user (or, alternatively, if it is better to just delete this new user, how I 
> should go about to install AfterStep for two ordinary users on the same 
> system).    Thank you.

First you really shouldn't be hammering the system with a hard P/O. I mean
fsck is fun but really how much fun can it be? If you want to exit X
without any commands from within a window manager try Ctrl-Alt-Backspace.
That should kill the xsession. I hope this helps. 

-Kalen Honeyfield
No one said it would be easy. But no other operating system that I know
about is as much fun.
			Tim O`Rielly, Unix Power Tools

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