Re: yet another test (tm)

Ethan (
Tue, 4 Jan 2000 16:14:58 -0800 (PST)


On 3 Jan 2000, Doug Alcorn wrote:

> I return from Xmas with my mailbox quite full of bounces and hate mail 
> on what a lousy list administrator I am.  I can take all that.  For
> the most part I deserved it.  Please do not take your frustration out
> on AfterStep.  Ethan, Sasha, and the gang work very hard on the
> development and have a great product.  Feature for feature there isn't 
> a window manager that can compare.  What is missing is adequate
> volunteers (which is why I ended up as list manager).  Again, my
> appologies. 

Yup, it does seem to be working. :)  Thanks much for taking on the job 
of trying to bring our subscriber base forward to the new list.  We 
didn't have anyone on hand who was an experienced administrator of large 
mailing lists, and I (who would likely have been next in line for the 
job) would probably have done even worse.  Things seem to have smoothed 
out now, though, and I'm even seeing "To:" in my 
mail headers.  Not sure if something changed, but I'm happy.

Ethan Fischer

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