Thanks for your devotion! (was: yet another test (tm) )
Wed, 05 Jan 2000 11:07:10 -0500


I would like to take a moment to thank you for your dedication to the list and 
seeing the problem through.  I think all AS users owe you big THANKS!!! (despite
the spam =)
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Subject: Re: yet another test (tm) 
Author:  Doug Alcorn <> at smtppo
Date:    1/4/2000 8:55 PM

OK, since I _do_ think this is working I will go ahead an offer 
another appology.  I am sorry about all the spam over the last two 
weeks or so.  The list is cleaned up and shouldn't present any more 
problems for the time being (nothing is ever constant :) ).  For those 
of you interested, messages to the list will have the "To:" header as 
"".  This should satisfy all of us procmail 
users (myself included).  Munging the "From:" header or "Reply-To:" 
header is a Bad Idea (tm).  That's part of what all the problems were 
in the first place.
OK, now some history that leads up to what went wrong.  A long time 
ago on a server now defunct, Caldera agreed to host our mail list. 
Happy, happy, joy, joy.  For many moons life went on without a hitch. 
This was mostly due to good administration from Ed at Caldera.  Then 
Ed got moved off to some other job function within Caldera.  Also due 
to his good admin and setup, we didn't know this for a long time.  For 
about 9 months our list went without any attention at all and longer 
without regular attention.  Then Caldera split into two 
divisions/companies/whatever.  Our mailing list server got canibalized 
and the list became defunct.  
This is about the time that I had the MX records for 
forwarded to my server (ominous music begins).  I have only run a few 
small to mid size lists to date, but thought I could handle our list. 
Ed originally told me that the mail addresses for our list was 
/dev/null.  So, I started a list from scratch.  A few days later I get 
a copy of the supposed original address list.  Here's the bad part: I 
plugged it in and went out of town.  Unfortunately, there were many 
bad addresses in this list.  I think it was restored off a backup or 
something and was quite old.  The second Bad Thing that I did was have 
the list munge the reply-to feild to that all bounces acctually went 
back to the list.
I return from Xmas with my mailbox quite full of bounces and hate mail 
on what a lousy list administrator I am.  I can take all that.  For 
the most part I deserved it.  Please do not take your frustration out 
on AfterStep.  Ethan, Sasha, and the gang work very hard on the 
development and have a great product.  Feature for feature there isn't 
a window manager that can compare.  What is missing is adequate 
volunteers (which is why I ended up as list manager).  Again, my 

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