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Wed, 5 Jan 2000 18:32:00 +0000 (GMT)


On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Iwant Afterstep wrote:

#      I will have that in mind.  The problem is that I am so completely new 
# to the Linux/Unix world that most of those things that probably seem 
# self-evident and childishly easy to you, are things I as yet know nothing 
# about.  The only things I have compiled as yet was a couple of libs, with 

Are you on the linux-newbie mailing list? It's a great place to pick up
all the basic knowledge you need (send email to ''
with 'subscribe linux-newbie' in the message body).

# with rpm (or I thought I knew).  If there is a good instruction somewhere 
# for complete newbie morons on how to compile software, I would be very 
# interested in hearing about it.

try the above mailing list, or most sourcecode comes with a README file
which will at least tell you the steps needed to compile the code. It
mostly consists of typing:

make install

When you've got spare time, take a read of the HOWTO documents (which will
probably be in /usr/doc somewhere).

Oh, in case you didn't know, you use 'less' to read textfiles. E.g


will let you read the file called README.

# >
# >First you really shouldn't be hammering the system with a hard P/O.
#      Is "a hard P/O" when I turned the computer off with the power button?  

yes. Linux doesn't like you doing this because any cached data (data which
is going to be written to the disk, but hasn't yet incase you need it) won't
be written, or you may leave half written files lying around.

# I assure you that I would not have done this if I had seen any other 
# alternative.  There was no way to give any commands to the computer.  All 
# that was on the screen was a big "X" which I could move around with the 
# mouse.  There was no way to make a console appear -- at least no way that I 
# could find.

yeah, when that happens (as people have said) either press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
to kill X, or if things have seemed to lock up completely, pressing
Ctrl-Alt-Del will at least make Linux shutdown properly and reboot.
# >I mean fsck is fun but really how much fun can it be?
#      I don't know what a "fsck" is.

It's the Linux disk checker. Like scandisk for dos, but better :)
Your fault: core dumped

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