Testing 161 (long) (was: Re: yet another test (tm))

Oystein Viggen (oysteivi@tihlde.org)
05 Jan 2000 21:38:08 +0100


Ethan wrote: 

> Anybody willing to test the latest devel (with patches!) and send bug 
> reports?  We're thinking about going to 1.8, but we need testing first!

I just upgraded from 1.7.90 to 1.7.161, and the most notable problem i had 
was that the wharf suddenly was not able to swallow more than one
application with the same name.

In 1.7.90 I had the following lines in my ~G/L/A/wharf
# System load
*Wharf asload-hex - Swallow "asload" asload -shape -led red &
*Wharf asload-Colargol - Swallow "asload" ssh -f c /usr/X11R6/bin/asload -shape -led green&

Hex is my own computer and colargol is a server that I admin and am
permanently connected to. 'c' is a dns cname for colargol.
These lines put a red asload running on hex and a green asload running on
colargol nicely in the wharf under each other. (I use ssh-agent and
public/private keys to be able to log in without typing my password every
time. That is well documented i 'man ssh'. I currently use openssh, but I
have used the same lines in the wharf config with both ssh-1.2.26 and .27).

When i upgraded, the second asload stopped being swallowed, and just sat
on the desktop looking bad while an empty square in my wharf sat there
looking even worse.

I recompiled asload on colargol (the server) changing what was written on
the titlebar to "asload-colargol" instead of just asload and put this new
one in the 'bin'-directory in my homedir. I changed the second line to:
*Wharf asload-Colargol - Swallow "asload-colargol" ssh -f c bin/asload -shape -led green &

When I did this, it all worked like a charm.

I am aware that with the configuration I used in 1.7.90, the order in
which the 'asload's appeared in the wharf probably was close to random
(the first window to pop up getting the upper square in the wharf), but
since the one started locally would always start before the one on the
server (ssh takes som time) this was never a problem.

Could someone please reintroduce the possibility of swallowing several
windows with the same title in the wharf?

The only other real problem I had was the following error-messages:
Detected colordepth : 24. Loading configuration ...AfterStep(non-configurable/0_
feel.24bpp:257):unknown function name in function specification [CirculateUp].
.... Done.
accepted module connection
Wharf:invalid option BalloonFore        Black
Wharf:invalid option BalloonBack        Grey70
Wharf:invalid option BalloonFont        -adobe-helvetica-bold-o-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*

To make the BalloonXXXX-messages go away, I just had do remove the lines
trying to define those options in ~G/L/A/wharf.

I am not sure what to do about the CirculateUp-thingy.

All the config-files are the one that came with AfterStep-1.7.161 except
for wharf and winlist, which I believe are originally from some 1.5 beta
(the one that came with RH 5.2 (or was it 5.1? Can't remember...)). OS is
Slackware 7. 

"It's pudding time, children!"
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