opening aterms in specific panes of a desktop

Andrew O'Callaghan (
Thu, 6 Jan 2000 09:47:44 +1030

I want to be able to open some aterms in specific panes of a desktop. I like to have 5 or 6 aterms open at once, and am getting sick of moving them around each time I start a session. I use specific coloured aterms for various applications, ie. one for a mail tool, one for root usage, etc.

I tried to create a shell script that contained how I wanted a particular aterm to be opened, ie. I made a file called red_aterm, containing the following:

aterm -title "Mr. Red" +rv +vb -tr -bg black -fg white -tint red -sh 60 -geometry  106x50+7+6 &

Then I tried to add an entry into the database file to open the red_aterm "application" in a specific pane and desktop. Here are the appropriate lines in the database file:

Style	"red_aterm"      StartsonDesk 1
Style	"red_aterm"      ViewportX 2
Style	"red_aterm"      ViewportY 3

I also tried:
Style   "red_aterm"      StartsonDesk 1,ViewportX 2,ViewportY 3 

This didn't seem to work. Is what I am proposing possible? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Andrew O'C
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