Re: opening aterms in specific panes of a desktop

John Gruenenfelder (
Wed, 5 Jan 2000 16:42:17 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Andrew O'Callaghan wrote:

>I want to be able to open some aterms in specific panes of a desktop. I like
>to have 5 or 6 aterms open at once, and am getting sick of moving them
>around each time I start a session. I use specific coloured aterms for
>various applications, ie. one for a mail tool, one for root usage, etc.
>I tried to create a shell script that contained how I wanted a particular
>aterm to be opened, ie. I made a file called red_aterm, containing the
>#!/bin/bash aterm -title "Mr. Red" +rv +vb -tr -bg black -fg white -tint red
>-sh 60 -geometry 106x50+7+6 &
>Then I tried to add an entry into the database file to open the red_aterm
>"application" in a specific pane and desktop. Here are the appropriate lines
>in the database file:
>Style	"red_aterm"      StartsonDesk 1
>Style	"red_aterm"      ViewportX 2
>Style	"red_aterm"      ViewportY 3
>I also tried:
>Style   "red_aterm"      StartsonDesk 1,ViewportX 2,ViewportY 3 
>This didn't seem to work. Is what I am proposing possible? Any ideas would
>be appreciated.
>Andrew O'C

It's not that hard to do.  You are mostly correct with the attempt you made in
your shell script.  However, the -geometry switch uses pixels for screen

So, for instance, on my machine I have a desktop resolution of 1024x768.  
Upper-left corner of the upper-left pane is 0,0.  The upper-left corner of the
next pane down would be 0,768.... and so on.  Just fiddle with the geometry
settings and you'll be fine.  Mind you, this won't have any effect which
"desktop" they start on, just a particular place/pane on that desktop.

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