Re: yet another test (tm)
Thu, 6 Jan 2000 08:41:41 -0600

>    ^ Interesting addition to all the mails. :)
>>users (myself included).  Munging the "From:" header or "Reply-To:"
>>header is a Bad Idea (tm).  That's part of what all the problems were
>>in the first place.
>    I completely disagree!  Replt-To: header should point to the ML!
>Replying to mails has become a GREAT PAIN.  Perhaps a vote is in order,
>seeing as how this was my request of you if you took the list over. :P

I agree with David here. Reply-To: must be set to ML.

>    Perhaps changing the footer to simply:
>'mail -s unsubscribe'
>...would be much better than the (obvious) this is AS ML. :)

good idea. Footer has become much too long

>my $0.02 coming with my newly found New York City attitude. ;)

Hey don't stay there too long ! We want you back :)


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