Re: yet another test (tm)

David Mihm (
Wed, 5 Jan 2000 23:33:52 -0600 (EST)

On 4 Jan 2000, Doug Alcorn wrote:


	^ Interesting addition to all the mails. :)

>users (myself included).  Munging the "From:" header or "Reply-To:"
>header is a Bad Idea (tm).  That's part of what all the problems were
>in the first place.

	I completely disagree!  Replt-To: header should point to the ML!
Replying to mails has become a GREAT PAIN.  Perhaps a vote is in order,
seeing as how this was my request of you if you took the list over. :P

>something and was quite old.  The second Bad Thing that I did was have
>the list munge the reply-to feild to that all bounces acctually went
>back to the list.

	The old list never bounced spam or the like, it must be something
we are mising, perhaps one of those perl scripts it called in the old
config file.

>the most part I deserved it.  Please do not take your frustration out
>on AfterStep.  Ethan, Sasha, and the gang work very hard on the
>development and have a great product.  Feature for feature there isn't
>a window manager that can compare.  What is missing is adequate
>volunteers (which is why I ended up as list manager).  Again, my

	Ignore those idiots, they can't even read the footer of mails they
respond to in order to unsubscribe.  :)

[snipped by accident but I refuse to try to reply to this damn thing
	Perhaps changing the footer to simply:
'mail -s unsubscribe'

...would be much better than the (obvious) this is AS ML. :)

my $0.02 coming with my newly found New York City attitude. ;)

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