asetroot still
Thu, 6 Jan 2000 13:52:51 -0600


>Starting asetroot from my InitFunction didn't seem to help, I still get
>that miniscule asetroot window every time changing the background image.

>Here's my InitFunction:

>Function "InitFunction"
>    Module  "I"     WinList
>    Exec    "I"     asetroot
>    Wait    "I"     asetroot
>And asetroot seems to be running, I can see it in "ps x".
>Another question, should I have asetroot also in RestartFunction?

asetroot is the module, so you have to start it as  :

     Module "I" asetroot

make sure that you have
option in your Pager file.

Alternatevely you can run asetroot as regular x app (it won't stay resident then
run it as :
asetroot -l

I actually have it in my .xinitrc file even before afterstep - this way when
afterstep comes up
root background will be in place already - saves time.
If you start it this way then you will need to have *PagerDontDrawBg  commented
otherwise you would not be able to switch backgrounds via menu.

Also you have to check that you have valid asetroot config file.
refer to a man page( man asetroot ) and sample asetroot config supplied in



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